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Imagine luxuriously softened water, that leaves no hard-to-clean residue behind, and that’s pleasing to your skin and every time you wash or bathe. Imagine conditioned water that has no unpleasant tastes and odors like chlorine or sulfur. Imagine the convenience of having the quality of bottled water, but having it dispensed directly from a faucet at your fingertips.

Hello, Victor, NY! Aquanology is a locally owned and operated business, and we bring our water conditioning services to you. Water treatment is our specialty, and we provide custom designed water systems for your specific application and needs. As a full-service provider, we back the water conditioning equipment that we sell with a range of scheduled maintenance and service options for you to choose from.

Discouraged with the service from your existing water conditioning provider? We are able to service and repair most common brands of water treatment systems- contact us today to learn more.

Water from both private and public sources most often has dissolved minerals from the ground such as calcium, creating what is commonly known as hard water, which causes mineral deposits, stains, dry skin, harm to appliances/water heaters, etc. Aquanology offers water softeners and related equipment service to eliminate the hard water issues you are experiencing.

Impurities such as sediment, clay, iron, etc, create cloudy or dirty water, making it unappealing for even basic usage. From a basic replaceable water filter to more complex backwashing water filtration systems, Aquanology has a system to meet your needs. Water from natural wells can contain offensive odors, such as sulfur. Water from public supplies most often contains chlorine, which come fid to be unpleasant to taste or smell. Aquanology provides quality water conditioning systems to produce the refreshing water that you desire.

Water Purification Systems

Water from wells, aquifers, and especially surface water lakes may contain harmful pathogenic bacteria, such as total coliform and E. coli. Some water sources are contaminated with lead, nitrates, or other health-impacting substances. Water with high mineral concentrations most often has an unpleasant flavor and can lead to other negative health impacts. 

But there’s no need to panic and resort to purchasing expensive and wasteful bottled water. Aquanology has various options of water purification systems ranging from basic drinking water purification to whole home water systems to meet various requirements and budgets. We employ UV disinfection or chlorination to help keep your water safe from bacteria. Drinking water systems utilize membrane technology to remove unwanted contaminants and produce crisp, refreshing water with a taste that pleases.

Our Process is Simple


Contact us about your water quality challenge. We arrange an appointment at your convenience to meet at your location for a free water test and consultation. This includes tests for hardness, iron, pH, and total dissolved solids (TDS). If necessary, more in-depth lab testing is available at a reasonable price.


Based on your water test result and estimated water usage we come up with a custom solution to fit your needs. We realize that everyone’s budgets and expectations are unique and take that into consideration as well. We do this by giving you options to choose from and helpful information so you can make a wise decision.


We install a system that will serve you well for years. Your system is backed by an excellent manufacturer’s warranty and our company’s performance guarantee. We offer a full line of scheduled maintenance services, as well as our “just a phone call away” phone support and service for emergencies that may arise.

Want better water at your Victor home?

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Victor, NY City Water

If you are using public water supplies in the town or village of Victor, your water most likely comes from one of two places- Hemlock Lake to the south, or Lake Ontario to the north.

Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA) is the public water provider for the town and village of Victor. MCWA reports that the water for this area can vary, depending on how they route the water. The Victor area, because it is located between the areas serviced by Lake Ontario and Hemlock Lake can expect their water source to vary between the two sources.

Hemlock Lake water boasts one of the lowest hardness and TDS levels in the region. MCWA estimates that hardness levels are around 5.5 grains of hardness and total dissolved solids (TDS) of 160 ppm. According to U.S. Geographical Survey, this would fall in the moderately hard range.

Lake Ontario water is slightly harder than Hemlock Lake. MCWA reported average levels to be just above 7 grains of hardness, which falls under the hard water category, according to U.S. Geological Survey.

This moderately hard water of Victor is not as bad for elevated mineral content as most surrounding well water, but it is still hard enough to benefit from a water softener. A water softener replaces the hardness minerals which cause staining and scaling on fixtures and appliances. A water softener can extend the life and maintenance intervals of appliances and keep water heaters running longer and more efficiently. Dry skin problems and excessive soap usage caused by hard water can be effectively reduced with softened water. 

All public water is treated with chlorine for disinfection purposes. For this reason, there is usually little concern for bacteria contamination in public water supplies. However, chlorine has an unpleasant taste and odor, and is best removed with a water filtration system after it enters your home. 

Contact us to learn more about a carbon water filtration system for your home in the Victor area.

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Public water supplies usually have some levels of trihalomethanes or other disinfection by-products from the chlorination process thought to be carcinogenic or cause other negative health effects. Old plumbing and water mains may contain levels of lead. MCWA also adds fluoride to the water it supplies to the Victor area, which is a controversial substance for some. 

If interested in producing high quality drinking water for your home or business in Victor, ask about our drinking water reverse osmosis systems, which are designed to reduce or remove such common substances.

To find out what is in your water, the village of Victor’s most current water quality report can be obtained on the village website. Or you can also obtain information from MCWA’s website. Even more in depth info can be found by viewing the Water Quality Data Summary report, also on the same website.


Well water is still highly in use in rural areas surrounding Victor. Local water quality analyses usually reveal moderate to very hard water from wells dotting the Victor countryside. A water softener is recommended as a water treatment method to remove water hardness. Benefits of a water softener include longer appliance and water heater life, as well as less soap usage and less staining.

In well water supplies in Victor and surrounding areas, some common metals found in varying levels are iron and manganese. In elevated levels, these metals can produce a noticeable metallic taste in the water. Iron is notorious for leaving behind hard-to-remove orange and brown stains, while manganese typically leaves black stains. A common solution for iron or manganese is a water softener or a specialty water filtration system.

Well water in Victor can be contaminated by bacteria. The risk factor for well contamination of bacteria depends largely on the depth of the well, or if there are nearby factors that could introduce bacteria such as a sewer system, or if surface water is apt to enter the well somehow. A common, cost-effective water treatment method for bacteria is a UV disinfection system.

Another common well water issue that some Victor homeowners struggle with the infamous contaminant hydrogen sulfide, more commonly called sulfur. The worst problem with sulfur is its significant “rotten egg” smell, but it also causes black stains, black sediment, and corrosion of plumbing and fixtures. Common methods used to remove sulfur include aeration or injection of peroxide or chlorine, along with some methods of filtration.

Total dissolved solids levels (TDS) levels often follow water hardness levels, because they are based on the total mineral content of the water. As the TDS levels in water get higher, usually the taste and palatability of the water decreases. 

A drinking water reverse osmosis (RO) system is usually recommended to reduce the TDS by up to 95% and produce drinking water that is clear and refreshing. 

A drinking water RO system is also recommended to remove nitrates, which is found in water, usually as a result of fertilizer run-off from agricultural operations.

Some areas near Victor can have such high levels of TDS and hardness in the well water, that the water is corrosive. In some cases, if a water softener is not sufficient, a whole house reverse osmosis system is a great option to provide excellent water that is clean and safe.

But how does one know what contaminants may be in a water supply, since some of them are tasteless and odorless? Good question, that’s why we advise to test, not guess. Aquanology provides various water testing options. Learn more about our water testing.