Agricultural Water Conditioning

Safe  and refreshing water for our farms and animals.

Agricultural Water conditioning Service

Solutions for our farms and animals

On many farms in New York, farm managers have little control of the market they serve. Profitable farmers are geniuses at controlling their bottom line to manage profits. Every farm operation is different. Each breed of livestock has a different tolerance for specific contaminants in the water. Our responsibility is to determine what water quality is needed for the many applications on your farm. We start with a water analysis and collect other data necessary to look at the big picture of the water on your farm.

Our Services

Water is an important commodity on any farm. We provide recommendations based on input from nutritionists, veterinarians, and our years of experience working with water on farms. Whether you are concerned with providing your animals with the purest water to drink, soft water to wash equipment, or about system efficiency, ask how we can help.

Almost like finding a missing link, investing in water treatment when it is needed can have a profound effect on the course of your farming career. If you are looking for investments on your farm that will positively impact your bottom line and finished product, we can help you determine if water treatment is a smart and necessary choice for you. A <12 month return on investment is common on farms where water quality is a limiting factor.

We (the owners) at Aquanology were born and raised on a family farm; therefore, we find agriculture and farm-related business close to our hearts. We greatly appreciate the opportunity of working with local farmers to provide water treatment services that make a positive difference in the family farm community.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we work with many animals and different types of farming operations, we specialize in dairy and veal. 

    We have treated pond water and other types of surface water for our customers and exceeded drinking water standards. The challenge with treating surface water is the fluctuation of the feed water quality. Testing should be done monthly to ensure the desired water quality is present. Surface water bacteria must be addressed on all surface water sources. Chlorine and peroxide do not provide sufficient killing coverage for all surface water bacteria. We have several methods that we employ in these unique applications. Contact us and have us visit your farm to discuss the big picture.