Custom-Designed Water Filtration Systems
For Upstate NY

Unleash the benefits of crystal-clear Water

Tired of unpleasant tastes, bothersome odors, or contaminant concerns? Discover custom water filtration solutions tailored to address Upstate New York’s unique water challenges.

As a locally owned and operated business, Aquanology creates customized water filtration systems designed to deliver exceptional water quality, specifically for your Upstate New York home.

Understanding Your Upstate New York Water

Common Water Quality Concerns

Water Hardness

Water hardness is something that many Upstate New York homeowners deal with every day.  Basically, it means extra mineral content found naturally in ground water, most often the minerals calcium and magnesium. In elevated levels, hardness causes scaling, staining, and mineral buildup on water heaters, appliances, and fixtures, reducing their useful lifespan and efficiency. Hardness can also cause dry skin and hair from showering and bathing.

Microbial Contamination

When water falls from the sky as rain, it is usually fairly pure because of the evaporation process. When it comes in contact with the ground, etc., water can also pick up harmful bacteria and other pathogenic microbes. The most concerning microbes are known to cause illness when contaminated water is consumed. Bacteria is one of the most regulated water contaminants, therefore also requiring many systems across the country to effectively treat it.


This metal often found in wells is known to cause nuisance red stains on laundry and appliances. While small amounts of iron are not challenging to treat, elevated levels of iron may require a custom designed system to effectively remove.

Clay and sediment

Impurities from natural ground water sources often make water look unappealing. While a small amount of sand or dirt can be removed with a simple sediment filter, more complex scenarios are not so easily resolved. Colloidal clay, for example, is too fine for standard filters to effectively remove, which usually requires a coagulation method or ultrafiltration to resolve.

Hydrogen sulfide, or sulfur 

Hydrogen sulfide, commonly known for its “rotten egg” smell, is a gas found naturally in well water. Not only is it corrosive and bad tasting, it can make living conditions unpleasant because of the terrible odor. As with iron, small amounts of sulfur can be treated fairly easily, but large amounts require a professionally designed system.

Last but not least, there are health-related compounds that can be found in water supplies. Nitrates, an agricultural fertilizer run-off. Trihalomethanes, a disinfection by-product from chlorine commonly found in public water. Lead, most often found in older homes, or areas with old water mains. All of these provide complexity to the water conditioning field. Custom-designed water systems may be just what you need.

The Importance of Water Testing

How can you know what is in your water unless you test for contaminants of concern? That’s why at Aquanology, we advise to test, not guess! A quality water test is the first step to determining the best treatment methods for use in a custom designed water system. 

We have various options, from basic onsite tests, to certified compliance testing, to comprehensive lab package tests. 

Benefits of Custom Water Filtration Systems

Targeted Solutions:

Address only the contaminants affecting your water. Unlike generic filters that may not target your specific needs, this is usually delivers better results than the one-size-filters-all approach.

Optimized Performance:
Ensure your filtration system is sized and configured to handle your water pressure, flow rate, and contaminant levels. This is usually best determined by contaminant level water testing.

Long-Term Value:
Invest in a system designed for your unique water chemistry, reducing maintenance needs and extending lifespan. In the end, this means value added to your property.

We have various options, from basic onsite tests, to certified compliance testing, to comprehensive lab package tests. 

Our Custom Water Filtration Process

Free Consultation:
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a friendly chat, whether by text, email, or phone call. Discuss your water quality concerns, water usage habits, and budget with a water treatment specialist.

Comprehensive Water Testing:
We offer professional
water testing to identify and measure specific contaminants in your water. This ranges from basic onsite testing to lab test packages. 

Custom System Design:
Our experts design a filtration system tailored to your water quality and desired outcomes. We have various options to suit a range of budgets and expectations.

Expert Installation:
Our certified technicians ensure proper installation for optimal performance and longevity. A system that is reliably installed is key to a long and reliable system life.

Ongoing Support:
Benefit from our affordable, reliable support and maintenance plans to keep your system functioning at its best. Or we can educate you and provide the resources you need so you can service the system yourself.

Types of Filtration Technologies We Offer

Sediment Filtration:
Removes dirt, sand, and other particulate matter for clearer water. 

Carbon Filtration:
Reduces unpleasant tastes, odors, and chlorine for a more pleasant hydration experience.

Reverse Osmosis (RO):
Eliminates a wide range of contaminants, including heavy metals, minerals, and emerging contaminants, ideal for producing high-quality drinking water.

Water Softeners:
Addresses hard water issues, improving lathering and protecting pipes and appliances.

Advanced filtration:
A combination of methods are employed to oxidize and filter out tough problems like sulfur, iron, and manganese.

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection:
Eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses to ensure safe drinking water. UV disinfection is especially important for private wells.


Experience the difference of clean, clear, and contaminant-free water with a custom filtration system from Aquanology. Build the value of your home, while you reap firsthand the long-term benefits of clean water for your home, appliances, and overall well-being.

Why Choose Aquanology?

Let Us Customize Your Water Filtration Solution

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your water quality concerns and explore custom filtration options tailored to your Upstate New York home.

Our Process is Simple

1. Free Consult

Contact us about your water quality challenge. We arrange an appointment at your convenience to meet at your location for a free water test and consultation. This includes tests for hardness, iron, pH, and total dissolved solids (TDS).

2. Custom Solution

Based on your water test result and estimated water usage we come up with a customized solution to fit your needs. We realize that everyone’s budgets and expectations are unique and take that into consideration as well. We do this by giving you options to choose from and helpful information so you can make a wise decision.

3. Installation

We install a system that will serve you well for years. Your system is backed by an excellent manufacturer’s warranty and our company’s performance guarantee. We offer a full line of scheduled maintenance services, as well as our “just a phone call away” phone support and service for emergencies that may arise.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Rachel Parsons
Rachel Parsons
November 14, 2023
Kind, quick, courteous service! 10 out of 10 would recommend!
November 9, 2023
I live in Walworth, for almost 60 years. And I normally do all my own work. In this case Aquanology was the only Company to actually talk to me. None of the others returned calls or emails. The folks at Aquanology talked to me, were responsive to our timetable and budget. I had them do a water test and install a UV light on our well. It was more cost effective to have Aquanology do the work. They showed up on time, performed the job, cleaned up after themselves and explained all the equipment installed and how to use and maintain it. Aquanology provides fast, professional and courteous service. I recommend them without hesitation. Regards, Karel
K Lewis
K Lewis
November 8, 2023
I am very happy with my new water treatment system. Everything was done professionally and in a timely manner. All my follow up questions were taken care of immediately. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Aquanology. They were honest and offered me a fair price compared to the other companies I researched.
Virgil Horning
Virgil Horning
November 8, 2023
Very happy with the professional replacement job of my water softener .
Jake Judge
Jake Judge
November 7, 2023
Highly recommend Aquanology for any of your water treatment needs. Matthew was very attentive and quick to respond to any issues or questions I had. They installed a UV system and a sediment filter and even came back and helped me diagnose a completely different issue and rectified it for me within a day. I couldn't ask for better service and support!
Greg VanderBrook
Greg VanderBrook
November 2, 2023
Matthew was very knowledgeable and informative about our water testing and equipment. We look forward to using their business for our home in the future.
David Bressler
David Bressler
November 2, 2023
I give Aquanology the highest of reviews and would not use anyone else after our recent experiences. Matthew and assistant recently installed a dual alternating softener, a 20 micron carbon block filter and a water on water reverse osmosis additional filter for drinking water, all in the basement of our Pittsford home with an additional line carrying the ultra high quality drinking water to a seperate smaller faucet in our kitchen sink. Matthew explained that we would receive excellent quality water without some of these more expensive upgrades but we requested them due to special health concerns. We had contacted Aquanology 18 months before when our previous company refused to continue servicing an older system. We were impressed by their many excellent reviews. There was never any pressure or disturbing calls. Matthew took the time to explain everything at our level of understanding, tested our water before the final recommendations and after the installation. They arrived on time, were very considerate with our home and cleaning up after themselves. They disposed of all waste and the old system. They declined breakfast and lunch in a friendly manner as they brought their own. They promptly sent us the cancelled receipt for our records. Pricing is very competitive. They explained how to service the system ourselves, which really involves very little, but we chose to ask them back for a 6 month service call which is reasonably priced. We felt we knew everything about the system and could ask Matthew anything. We felt very safe and at ease. At one week after installation all is working well and water quality is excellent. If you have any problems with your water or want a water system you can not do better than Matthew and Aquanology.
Rob Semmler
Rob Semmler
November 1, 2023
We recently had a water softener and charcoal filtration system installed in our home, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The entire process was smooth and hassle-free. Matthew from Aquanology was professional and efficient, and took the time to explain how the system works. Since the installation, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in the quality of our water. Our clothes feel softer, our appliances are performing better. It's made a noticeable difference in our daily lives, and I highly recommend this water softener installation service to anyone looking to improve their water quality and home comfort.
Sharon B
Sharon B
October 12, 2023
Matthew is honest, trustworthy and hardworking. He’s genuine and explains everything. His brother was here for the first part of the install but I didn’t meet him. We had the water softener, RO and UV installed and it has made a huge difference. We lived with hard well water for many years.
Wayne Bishop
Wayne Bishop
October 12, 2023
I would highly recommend Aquanology for any of your water treatment needs. Arlyn and Matthew are extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional. The water softener, UV and RO was installed in a very good looking way.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, clay particles (especially colloidal clay) that are suspended in water are usually much too fine to be filtered out by standard filters. Although the filters may turn dirty, they usually only remove a small percentage, and the rest passes through. To effectively filter clay, ultrafiltration is usually needed, which filters down to 0.02 microns. The other alternative is to utilize a coagulation method, in which a compound causes the clay to bind in clumps large enough to be filtered out.

Yes, although this toxin usually requires various steps to ensure the proper removal of first the algal bloom, and the toxin as well. Some of the steps and tools typically used would include ultrafiltration, chlorination, granular activated carbon filtration, and reverse osmosis purification.

Yes, salt can be effectively removed, and the most common method is reverse osmosis. (This is the most common method for desalination of seawater.) How easily it is removed depends largely on the levels of salt. For low to moderate levels, a decent quality RO system can function just fine. However, when levels of salt get very high, the RO system needs to be very specialized in order to handle the high TDS and pressures required. Then the expense of the project will likely be quite high.