Residential Water Conditioning

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Residential Water Conditioning Services

Solutions for Homes and Families

Homeowners need a trustworthy company to install reliable, efficient water treatment equipment to protect their water-using appliances and increase their quality of life.

And that’s exactly why we’re here. We work with homeowners and renters to provide water systems that keep their water soft, clean, and serviceable.

Why Water Treatment?


Whether you’ve had your water treated in the past or not, there are common signs to look for that can help determine if water treatment services are needed in your home. Consider these questions.

  • Is your water hard, does it leave crusty scaling on your fixtures and appliances, or does it constantly leave stains on your dishes or laundry?
  • Do you have problems with reddish or brown stains on your porcelain basins or toilets?
  • Does your water have undesirable tastes, or maybe you’ve opted on not drinking your water at all due to safety concerns?
  • Does your water have foul smells, either constantly or from time to time?
  • Are you simply interested in knowing whether your current water supply contains any bacteria, lead, nitrates, etc. which could be harmful to health?


If you’re not 100% satisfied with your current water situation, we recommend that you reach out to someone who specializes in water treatment. At Aquanology, we offer a free initial water test and consultation for those interested in improving their water quality.

Unsure of what you need? We are happy to help. Our consultation consists of conducting a water analysis and survey right in your home. This process helps us get an idea of what solutions might be best for your unique circumstances. We share our results with you, and then determine what service is needed for your water quality expectations.

Once we have the analysis of the water and have listened to your concerns, our specialists will provide recommendations on the best options to treat your water. This can include repairing or replacing your water treatment system, installing a new system, continued in-depth testing to get to the root of the issue, or determining what other actions may be necessary. And remember, your input is important to us. All these solutions come to the table with your budget and your expectations kept in mind.


Even the best water systems need ongoing maintenance. Whether or not you’ve purchased your current system from our company, we provide service tailored to most brands of systems and all types of water. We also provide training and tools in the event you want to service your own system.

Frequently Asked Questions

A softener’s efficiency is always directly related to the water it is treating. However, upgrades and innovations in water conditioning technology have increased efficiency in recent years.

An average 3-person home would use about 300 gallons of water per day. If this would be on public water supplies with a supposed water hardness of 10 grains of hardness, a new high-efficiency water softener would use approximately 21 pounds of salt per month. In a year, this would be about 250 pounds or five 50-lb. bags.

Well water tends to have higher hardness levels which translates into higher salt usage. With well water that is 30 grains of hardness, the same amount of water used would bring monthly salt usage to about 60 pounds of salt per month.

Keep in mind, that when removing iron from water with a softener, higher salt dosages are required. This means a sacrifice from salt usage efficiency.

Remember that not all softeners are created equal. There are varying degrees of efficiency in water and salt usage among softeners available on today’s market. If you have any questions, or would like your water tested, contact Aquanology, LLC today.

    At Aquanology we offer a “free, initial on-site water test” which includes; Total Iron, Total Hardness, Nitrates, Sulfur, Chlorine, Total dissolved solids (TDS), Ph, Total Alkalinity, temperature, and other factors like pressure and flow volume. This “free on-site test” is not certified by NYS Department of Health. When a certified sample is needed, we can provide the needed service through a third-party certified laboratory. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to furnish you with more details on your water testing project.

    While salt-free scale inhibitors might be what you want in your home, there are a few points that need to be made clear. First, a water softener and a scale inhibitor function entirely differently. A true water softener removes the hard ions so that the water feels soft, reduces soap requirements, reduces scale, and reduces fiber-fray in clothing washed in soft water. A scale inhibitor only changes the hard ions and leaves them in the water. The biggest benefit from a scale inhibitor is that it reduces scale build up on your faucets and appliances. 

    The only true system that softens water without salt is a Reverse Osmosis system. These systems can reduce your hardness by 99% without giving the water a slippery feel. Call us and ask about a reverse osmosis (RO) for your home to soften the water.