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Water Filters

Why Water Filters?

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? Look no further. Advanced
filtration and membrane technology can provide you with safe and clean water for
drinking, with a taste that pleases.

Water filtration can also improve water for general use. Clean and clear water to bathe
and wash with, water that won’t leave unacceptable stains behind, water that looks
appealing and smells refreshing.

Yes, filtration does make this possible. Even challenging water can, in almost all cases,
be conditioned into something usable. Our solutions are custom designed based on
feedwater quality, the water quality you desire, and your budget.

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Contact us about your water quality challenge. We arrange an appointment at your convenience to meet at your location for a free water test and consultation. This includes tests for hardness, iron, pH, and total dissolved solids. (More advanced testing is available upon request)

Customized Solution

Based on your water test result and estimated water usage we come up with a customized
solution to fit your needs. We realize that everyone’s budgets and expectations are unique
and take that into consideration as well. We do this by giving you options to choose from, coupled with clear and helpful information, so you can make a wise decision.

Install Water Filter

We install a system that will serve you well for years. Your system is backed by an excellent manufacturer’s warranty and our company’s performance guarantee. We offer a full line of scheduled maintenance services, as well as our “just a phone call away” phone support and service for emergencies that may arise.

Common filtration needs for Upstate New York’s water?

The water filtration needs in upstate New York are as diverse as the water sources and the needs that these water supplies address.


For example, the Finger Lakes are known to provide abundant water to the many public water systems for local towns and cities in the vicinity. This water is usually only moderately hard, and moderate in total dissolved solids. However, many homeowners and families don’t care for the taste and smell of the chlorine, as well as the health concerns from disinfection by-products caused by the chlorine. Filtration systems are in demand to address these issues.


Shifting our gaze a little, well water near the Finger Lakes can have a host of issues. From iron and manganese, to colloidal clay (gray water), to the infamous hydrogen sulfide or sulfur smell water, the Finger Lakes region pretty much has it all. Some of these contaminants are not linked directly to health concerns, but on the other hand, make the water repulsive in smell or appearance, or not readily usable because of the stains and corrosion it causes.


Deep wells in some areas south of Lake Ontario have water with very high levels of sulfates and total dissolved solids. Because of the challenges produced by the high mineral content, the traditional method of water softening is not as effective.


Well water in the Adirondacks region has been seen to have very high iron, but that also in conjunction with low TDS, pH, and hardness, which makes standard filtration methods challenging.
Well now, what’s the answer to all these water issues?The answer is, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all filtration method that will take care of everything. Some contaminants are best removed with adsorption, others with oxidation, and others with physical filtration. This is the reason it is best to consult with a water conditioning specialist, and do the necessary tests first off, so that the filtration method employed is designed for the contaminant being addresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Colloidal clay, also known as gray water, can be found randomly in well water, sometimes varying with the water table and the season of the year. The most common method of removal is ultrafiltration, since standard filters are not fine enough; the downside is, this is an expensive method. A more cost-effective option that can work just as effectively is coagulation coupled with a sand-type backwashing filter.
Yes, we stock common sizes and micron ratings of sediment filters and carbon block filters. If you would like filters delivered to your door, give us a call and we’ll put you on our schedule.
Yes, you can. Keep in mind that most carbon filters have a service flow rating for effectively reducing chlorine, and standard sized cartridges are most likely too small to filter all the water to your house. They will also require quite frequent replacements, which can get expensive. Specialized whole house carbon filters utilize either granulated carbon by the cubic foot, or giant filter cartridges, capable of supplying your household for years without maintenance.

Confused with all the options?

You don’t have to be! We desire to bring you recommendations that are as clear as the water you desire!