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drinking water system benefits

Clean and clear water.

Crisp, refreshing spring-water-like taste.

Conveniently dispensed where you like it most.

Cost-effective when compared to buying water.

Reverse Osmosis drinking water system Basics

Today’s consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the quality of the food and water they are consuming. A reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water system is becoming a key component of delivering high-quality drinking water for homes and businesses across the country, without the expense and trash of bottled water.

A typical drinking water RO system reduces the mineral and contaminant levels on water from 90-99%, leaving behind crystal clear water with a crisp, refreshing taste akin to bottled spring water (minus the plastic flavor!). In fact, Aquafina, one of the most popular brands of bottled water in the US, uses regular public water, and purifies the water with reverse osmosis technology.

In well water, reverse osmosis typically eliminates the risks of contaminants like nitrates, lead, arsenic, and varieties of chemicals. High mineral content like iron, sodium, sulfates, etc., can lead to bad water taste, which a reverse osmosis system effectively reduces.

A reverse osmosis system is highly effective at removing fluoride and chlorine, commonly found in public water supplies. Trihalomethanes (THMs), a contaminant caused by the chlorine reacting with impurities in water, is usually present to some degree in municipal water. In fact, it is not uncommon for public water sources to be in violation for exceeding the maximum contaminant level of THMs set forth by EPA. A drinking water RO system is also an effective treatment method for THM’s.

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If you’re interested in knowing the quality of water you are consuming, we can help by performing a water analysis at your home or business. A basic onsite test is usually done for free, while more advanced lab tests may require a reasonable fee.

Choose Your Solution

Using the data from the water analysis, we give you options to choose from to improve your water as necessary. This is not a high-pressure sales process, but a consultation designed to provide you with enough helpful information so that you can make an educated decision on what best suits your needs.

Reap the Benefits and Convenience

Upon purchasing a system, we professionally install it, utilizing convenient dispensing locations, such as drinking water faucets and/or refrigerator and icemaker dispensers. You are left to enjoy the luxury of purified water on tap, without the expense or bother of bottled water.

Here are some additional things we help you to consider when choosing a reverse osmosis drinking water system

The Amount of Water You Need

This depends on the size of your household and what all the purified water will be used for. Since some systems produce water faster than others, this is an important factor. Sometimes to give you more capacity, an extra storage tank can be added to the system so you can use more water at once.

The Type of Contaminants in Your Water

Some systems are better at removing certain contaminants than others. This is another reason to consider the certifications for the product (such as NSF certifications) that state which contaminants are effectively removed or reduced. Some low-cost systems are not certified at all.

The Features You Want

Some systems have features such as faster dispensing, a pressure boosting pump, easy change filters, lower cost filters, filter or membrane replacement indicators, and so forth.

The Price

Sure enough, we saved the most important for last! Price is a factor for everyone. Generally, the drinking water systems with lower performance and standard filters will be lower cost, while those with higher performance and specialized filters are more expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! Although most folks love the taste of water purified by an RO system, there are a few who prefer the taste of water with minerals such as calcium added back into the water. For a case like this, an optional calcite/carbon post filter can be installed which adds some minerals back into the water as well as increases the pH.
In many cases, yes! This is a very popular option, since most people value their kitchen cupboard space. As an added benefit, mounting a drinking water system in the basement or mechanical room makes changing filters less messy and invasive. However, keep in mind that every building is different in layout, and in some cases, installing a drinking water system in the basement isn’t possible or practical.
Yes, as a standard procedure, when installing a drinking water system and its faucet, we do our best to match the color of the existing faucet. We have many color options and styles available.

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