Excellent Water for Vacation Rentals


Why conditioned water for Airbnb or Vrbo rental homes is important.

Airbnb. Vrbo. These are some of the latest buzzwords when it comes to investment and rental properties. Because of the high ROI compared to traditional renting of homes, these vacation rental platforms are receiving lots of attention.

Because of the popularity, there are more options than ever before for vacationers to pick from. Property owners know they must do their best to maintain an excellent reputation for their property to keep customers interested and coming back.

Premium water for premier hosting

This article will focus on the water quality in your rental home. Also, paying attention to this detail can help you deliver the wonderful experience your guests value. And that’s what increases your bottom line- more satisfied vacationers returning again and again.

Since vacation rentals are often located in off-the-beaten-path areas, many of them may rely on private wells for water supply. And since every well is unique in the water quality it produces, there are various challenges that may arise. See below common issues on both well and public water systems.

  1. How does the water smell?
    • Sulfur– a gas dissolved in water known usually by it’s distinctive “rotten egg” smell. Some folks who live on sulfur water for years become accustomed to it. However, for a rental home, it is of utmost importance to get rid of this contaminant, as many guests would be badly turned off by such an odor. There are various water conditioning systems that can effectively remove sulfur and other similar odors from well water.
    • Chlorine. If your home is on municipal water, it likely has a chlorine residual for disinfection purposes. Depending on the chlorine level, since it can also vary in different areas, the smell and taste may be unpleasant to guests who aren’t familiar with it. Chlorine can also contribute to dry skin from showering in chlorinated water. The good news is, chlorine is relatively easy and inexpensive to remove with a whole house carbon filtration system.
  2. What is the water clarity? Clear water is usually not an issue on public water supplies. On private wells, do be aware of common issues like colloidal clay, iron, etc. which can cause cloudy water and stains. Cloudy water looks impure and disgusting, making it very important to address, in order to meet the expectations of your customers.
  3. What is the water hardness?
    • Hard water can cause a list of problems, such as dry skin and hair, chalky water deposits and stains, poor laundry and washing performance, poor soap lathering, premature appliance failure, lowered efficiency of water heaters, and more. It is often present in both municipal and well water supplies.
    • Installing a water softener can remove hardness and correct these issues. Your guests will love the experience of bathing or showering in softened water. As far as benefits for the property owner, it can reduce energy costs, extend appliance life, and make cleaning easier.
  4. What is the water taste?
    • Water supplies vary widely in their taste factor. Chlorine, sulfur, iron, manganese, PH, and total dissolved solids (TDS) levels are only a few of the things that can impact the water taste. Some hosts might choose to provide complimentary bottled water for their guests to combat these concerns. Bottled water has the disadvantages of being expensive, bothersome to supply, and wasteful. See a related blog on concerns of the overusage of bottled water.
    • A drinking water system (such as a reverse osmosis system for drinking water) may be an amenity that guests will love. It provides crisp, bottled water taste, delivered at a drinking water faucet, dispensed from a refrigerator, or hooked to an icemaker.
  5. Was the water treated for safety concerns?
    • Safety for guests is something every good host values. There are various water contaminants that aren’t detectable to the five senses, such as pathogenic bacteria, lead, nitrates, etc. The highest risk scenarios would be if the water source is a private well.
    • The best way to tell if anything is present is by performing applicable water analyses. Or you can get your water supply analyzed by a water treatment professional to determine your water supply’s risk factor.
    • A simple and essential tool to provide insurance against pathogenic bacteria is a whole house UV system. These systems are easy to maintain if designed correctly. They provide simple, non-invasive water disinfection using ultraviolet rays.

Ensuring that the water for Airbnb or Vrbo rentals is conditioned if necesssary can greatly pay off. It’s another one of those details that adds to the quality of the visitors’ vacations. In addition, here are a few simple, water-related tips to think about, as you endeavor to deliver the best experiences for your valued guests.

  • Make sure the water pressure is sufficient and comes fast enough at all faucets.
  • If your home is only in use part of the year, prepare for the first renters of the season. Plan on flushing all water faucets to bring in fresh water and make sure that there are no issues.
  • Be aware that your water system doesn’t have air bubbles in the lines. Pressurized air can cause annoying gurgling and spitting at showerheads and faucets.
  • Make sure that all components of the water systems such as pumps, backwashing filters, heaters, etc. are located in an insulated mechanical room, or in a basement, to reduce noise and increase visitors’ comfort.
  • Conveniently supply your guests with ice and cold water with a refrigerator dispenser and icemaker.
  • Make sure to properly maintain any water filtration or conditioning system, because a poorly maintained system is not much better than no system at all.


If you have questions or concerns, reach out to your local water conditioning professional. They can test your water supply and evaluate any existing system. Many of these companies offer free water tests, recommendations, and quotes. If the company is reputable, they should be able to supply you with a solution that meets your and your guests’ needs.

At Aquanology, we offer water testing, recommendations, and installation of water conditioning and filtration equipment. We also strive to provide affordable and flexible service plans. And not only do we provide recurring maintenances on a planned schedule, but also last-minute emergency calls for unexpected needs. We’d be happy to see if our services are a fit for you. Contact us today!

Happy hosting at your Airbnb, Vrbo, or other vacation home!

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